GDPR policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):


In accordance with the new data protection act (GDPR), it is important for me to detail what information is kept about you and your pets, how it is used, and how it is stored.

The following information is kept on paper records, which are securely locked away in a filing cabinet. No-one apart from myself has access to these records:

1. Details you have given me about yourself and your pet/s. This includes your name and contact details, contact details of any emergency contacts and household maintenance staff, and details of the veterinary practice with which you are registered. The only third party these details will be shared with is said registered veterinary practice, and only when the situation requires it, which I will notify you of as soon as possible.

2. Any home security details that you have disclosed on the contract. This information is not shared with any third party.

As of this notice, no records are currently kept online or on a computer. Should I, at any point, transfer these details onto a computer, I will ask for your permission first, and will not do so without your written consent. Said computer will also be password protected, with Anti-Spy and Anti-Malware software installed, and only myself will have access to said computer. 

Your name and phone number are entered into my mobile phone so that I may contact you regarding anything to do with your pet/s, and vice versa. This phone is password protected, and no-one but myself has access to said phone.

Any non-returning client’s details will be destroyed within 2 years of the last job. 

With immediate effect, I will be asking you to sign a copy of this statement to ensure you agree to this information being held. This will either be emailed out or handed out upon my next visit.

Thank you for your co-operation during this time!